Friday, July 28, 2017


. [parens by blogger]  "WASHINGTON — His agenda stalled and his party divided, President Donald Trump veered into the nation's simmering culture wars by announcing plans to ban transgender people from serving in the military.
Much of the political world — prominent conservatives and Trump administration officials, among them — was surprised and confused by the president's sudden social media pronouncement. But on the ground in North Carolina, Tami Fitzgerald was elated.  . . [Trump irrationally strikes back when he is frustrated, only making the problem worse.  The Republican Party is in real danger when it loses its middle and begins to court the extremes.  Republicans are divided into two camps, 1. the conservative cultural warriors, e.g. evangelicals, alt-right, etc. and 2. the big business conservatives, e.g. U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  The Democrats learned this the hard way. Trump may never learn it. ] . . .
"Trump's abrupt announcement amounted to a direct political lifeline to his most passionate supporters. In his chaotic first six months in office, Trump has lost sizable support from independents and some Republican voters. But polls show white evangelicals remaining loyal — and essential to stabilizing his political standing.
"Pray for him as he faces critics and opposition," evangelical leader Franklin Graham wrote of the president Wednesday on Facebook, describing the transgender ban as "a bold move."

I am a strong supporter of religious freedom, but when religion is used to contradict the Constitution, rule of law, equal protection of law, and basic American values, it must yield.  Remember when many religious groups supported slavery by using Biblical arguments to bolster claims of black inferiority?  This is what I mean by WHITE CHRISTIAN SUPERIORITY. 

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