Sunday, July 23, 2017


1. "Senior White House adviser and son-in-law to President Donald Trump Jared Kushner reported 77 undisclosed assets and more than an additional $10 million in previously unreported holdings, according to revised financial documents filed Friday, which his legal team said were "inadvertently omitted" from prior financial disclosure filings.
The Office of Government and Ethics certified the updated financial disclosures listing the unreported assets and holdings as a part of an "ordinary review process," according to the filings."
Some people might lose their security clearances for this.

2.Another 'prostitute' and 'sycophant' joins the White House staff.

"Back in August 2015, Anthony Scaramucci, who has just been appointed White House communications director, was on Fox Business to discuss Donald Trump’s then-recent bashing of the hedge fund industry as just people who “move around paper,” in contrast to Trump’s real brick-and-mortar construction business.
Scaramucci was scathing in his response, labeling Trump “a hack politician” with “anti-American” rhetoric. He said Trump was on track to be “president of the Queens County Bullies’ Association” and that while other GOP “politicians don’t want to go after Trump because they’re afraid he’s going to light them up on Fox News,” he wasn’t afraid."

"He frequently praised Trump, [in his long opening speech to the media] saying he loved the president, and that he was "very loyal" to him.

"I love the mission that the president has since the early days of the campaign," Scaramucci said.

"I grew up in the middle class, and so there's a struggle out there. The president saw that before I did. I wish I could tell you I saw it before him, but he taught it to me."

Scaramucci in recent months had become one of the most vocal defenders of Trump and his family. During an appearance on CNN in April, he compared the president's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to Alexander Hamilton.

His effusive praise for the president was on full display during the briefing, as he pledged his commitment to Trump’s “America first” agenda and defended the president's use of Twitter.

“To me, I think it’s been very effective use of reaching the American public directly and so listen, I welcome him continuing to do that. I think it’s very, very important for him to express his identity.”

Scaramucci also praised the president on his competitive nature and athletic skills."

[I'll spare you the rest of this sickening idol-worshipping interview.  Scar sounds like a teen-age girl who just found the best boy friend in the whole world.  What is it with   bromancing Trump?]   



  1. Classic sycophancy is taught in Hedge Fund Sales 101. It's the Amoral Asskissers Club. Stay tuned . . . they've begun eating their own and there will be more.

  2. Delusional, etc.? No worse than the clown who inflicted Obamacare on us. Or okayed the gun deal that got over 300 people killed, including two US LEOs.

    Haven't seen much of anything worthwhile out of any administration since Reagan, whose foreign policy decisions ended the Cold War and the need for NATO. Since then, it's been all Deep State and NeoCons and ever more concentration of power to WashDC--to the detriment of us all.


  3. Obamacare was a policy that allowed millions without health care to get health insurance. It is not a delusion. Why not address Kusher's lying on his report? No WH Communication Director has ever been such a sycophant when taking the job. Why not address this? Check out any fact-check website and compare Obama, Clinton and Trump and their staff statements. You'll find Trump is clearly the most delusional one. The logic of your argument is that it's OK to lie because everyone does it. I guess it's OK to break the law because everyone does at one time or another