Thursday, July 20, 2017


The alt-right leaning Republican leadership is strongly pushing the bathroom bill.  How many transgender people are going to do an already illegal act in a restroom against children?  It's already illegal. How many are going to be stopped from going into the restroom of their choice by the bill?  Few if any.  There is no reasonable way to enforce it. The bathroom bill will not stop it.  It's an stupid joke that is embarrassing many Texans.

Looking at Republicans in Texas and elsewhere, in general, we find 3 types, (1) business conservatives, (2)culture-warrior conservatives, and (3) hybrids.

The Business group aims at keeping regulations, including anti-fraud, environmental protections, consumer physical protection (e.g. product safety) low so profits for corporations and stockholders can get more $.  Taxes are to be kept as low as possible on the wealthy and lots of loopholes are to be created.  American workers are dispensable when machines or foreign workers can save production costs and increase profits.  International trade deals are seen as opportunities.

The Culture-Warrior group is interested in maintaining traditional conservative, personal values, white and Christian supremacy.  Gays and LGBT's are seen as perverts.  Feminist values are abhorred.  The men are supposed to be in charge. See post below.

The hybrid group is in a win-win situation.  However, sometimes the 2 other groups are in conflict.

Texas' anti trans-gender bathroom bill is causing a split.  Business groups are afraid it will  hurt tourism, investment, conventions, sports events, etc.  They are opposed arguing it will cost the state millions in business.They have allied with Democrats who are opposed to the bill on ethical, moral or ideological grounds.

Who will win?  The Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General seem to be in the Culture-Wars group.  The House Speaker seems to be more in the Business group.  My guess is that Texas will further embarrass itself by  passing the bill. The Lieutenant Gov. and Gov. appear to be obsessed.  They will sacrifice just about anything to get it through. 

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