Thursday, July 20, 2017


It looks like the Republican health care bill is dead for now.  The President said he would be 'angry' is something didn't pass soon.  There will be no replace and repeal or even repeal for now.  Shows you what the great leader the 'President' has been for his party.  Many are now beginning to see that he is a disaster waiting to happen. (see other post on investigations). 

The Wall Street Journal, no fan or Obamacare, not yet labelled false news by our 'President', and a paper having a reputation as one for affluent Republicans stated, in an editorial, that the failure was a 'self-inflicted fiasco' that 'is one of the great political failures in recent U.S. history, and the damage will echo for years.' [Sorry no link available.  Got it from the paper copy. Unlike folks trapped in the echo chamber, I read a variety of newspapers and watch a variety of news shows, incl. Fox News and ABC.  No, I am not an affluent Republican.  In case you hadn't guessed].

The Congressional Budget Office reported that if Obamacare (ACA) were repealed with no replacement would leave 17 million people without health care in 2018  The average premiums for people who wanted individual health share would increase by about 25 percent next year and 50 percent by 2020.  By 2026 individual coverage costs would double.

It's a delusion to think that if ACA was repealed, there would be a replacement as long as Republicans controlled both the House and Senate.  Arguably, the Republican fall- back strategy has been to cause enough uncertainty by their continuous blustering that insurers would withdraw from the market and individuals would quit.  This would wreck the ACA and then Republicans could step up and say they'd fix the system.  They wouldn't mention that they were the ones who deliberately sabotaged it. Anyone who knows anything about insurance knows that, in general, the larger the pool of providers and the large the pool of persons insured,  the lower the cost of health health care for individuals.  The relatively high cost of health care in the U.S. will not be solved by replacing or repealing Obamacare.  Ted Cruz's proposal to let insurance companies offer less coverage for less cost will only result in weakening the overall system and leave many with 'junk insurance" which will probably give them less value for their dollars.

Do you see a 'scorched earth,' 'let them eat cake' attitude toward power and working class people and their children as well as those with serious pre-existing conditions.
Shame on Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, etc.  I applaud the 3 female senators who stood up unanimously against this fraud as well as all the others.  Remember, the various bills were formulated in private session and no Democrats and Female Republican Senators were invited to attend.  Will Trump take his anger out on them and attempt to hurt their reelection chances? Will he blast them in his frequent spoiled rich, teenage, cyber-bully tweets?

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