Tuesday, July 11, 2017


The last Republican health care bill (created in secret and never read by many in the
Senate) added tax cuts for the wealthy for health care benefits for the less affluent. When proposed Medicaid cuts are added in, health care for the poor, working class, etc . will shrink greatly.

"Pretend you are that most improbable of combinations — a lovable billionaire. In other words, you’re Warren Buffett. The politicians who worship guys like you have another treat in store: They will cut your most recent tax bill by $679,999, making you even wealthier.
But it comes with a price. A fellow American of a certain age making $56,000 a year would have to pay three times more in annual health care premiums — $20,500 — to help finance your windfall. You don’t need the money. Cripes, you’re worth $76 billion! But that other citizen can’t live without health care.
Such is the bargain — your health care for my tax cut — that Republicans have proposed with their overhaul of the Affordable Care Act. The toxic Senate bill does nothing to fix a struggling system. But it is bold and quite daring: for this is the broadest attack on working Americans by a governing political party in our lifetime.
No surprise, the real Warren Buffett wants nothing to do with it. He calls it, the “Relief for the Rich Act.” Another eminently sensible Midwesterner, Gov. John Kasich of Ohio, is equally perplexed. Why take away vital services for the struggling middle class, the mentally ill, the poor and the elderly to give more money to people who don’t need it?
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“And they think that’s great?” Kasich, a Republican, said. “That’s good public policy? What, are you kidding me?”

Part 2

Frustrated by the Senate's inability to come up with a repeal and replace Obama care solution, Pres. Trump called for a repeal now with a replacement later.  This will leave millions without health insurance.  There may never be  replacement.  The Republicans controlling the Senate may never be able to agree.

 Texas' two Senators, John "Cornhole" Cornyn and Ted "Tsar" Cruz are two alt-right favorites who will probably never vote for a replacement if there is a repeal. 

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