Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DOJ to investigate Newark N.J. PD

Hopefully things will improve in Newark now that they will be scrutinized more heavily, but it's easier to talk about change than get it in the real world.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hearings on BATF's "Fast and Furious Resume Today"

The second round of congressional hearings on BATF's outrageous operation fast and furious begin today. I love to see arrogant bureaucrats who are exposed squirm in the spotlights. Stay tuned.

NRA sues D.C. over Housing Authority Gun Ban

The Second Amendment protects everyone, even those in public housing. Government cannot condition receipt of public benefits on renunciation of a constitutional right. This case should have been brought long ago.

Friday, July 22, 2011

A Step Forward for BART after the Mesherles incident

It's not rocket science to conclude that the police cannot effectively police themselves. I hope this new auditor for BART has enough authority, funds and independence, etc. to make it work. He will still may have the penetrate the blue wall of silence that infects many agencies. It is always good to see police agencies at least making an attempt to mprove. Good luck BART!

More on BATF & Mexico

BATF's SNAFU's on Gunwalker and Fast and Furious continue to reverberate in Mexico. No wonder they don't trust the gringos.

Latest on Operation Fast and Furious

As time goes by, BATF begins to look even worse than we imagined.

Another Second Amendment & related SNAFUs

Assuming the allegations are true, the conduct of these officers is constitutionally unacceptable and another example of harassment of law-abiding citizens. I am reminded of the harassment and arrest of black people in the 60's who refuse to go to the back of the bus. The DA's interpretation of the Second Amendment seems to be that it protects carrying only of unloaded weapons. Completely unjustified and ludicrous. Finally, why hasn't one of these officers (Belt) been suspended or fired (see link to court judgment). Welcome to the land of the free and home of the brave!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Great quote re police and the police state

Came across this great quote which says so much: "A policeman's job is only easy in a police state." This is from Orson Welles'1958 movie, "A Touch of Evil." Unfortunately too many police chiefs trample on people's rights (e.g. Second Amendment) to try to make their job easier. They are not sophisticated enough to figure out that gun control does not reduce crime.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Intresting lawsuit from Montana on limiting federal gun control

Interesting lawsuit from Montana. Existing precedents favor the feds, but I hope this one gets to the Supreme Court.

Illegal alien not part of Second Amendment "people."

The Fifth Circuit (Texas, La., Miss) held that illegal aliens are not entitled to Second Amendment protection. The dissent raises some troubling issues, but, on first impression I agree with the majority as far as the Second Amendment goes. Although I haven't thought it out much, it seems to me that the definition of "people" must be read in the specific context of the specific right. On the other hand, one can argue that the natural law right, from which the Second Amendment springs, extends to all persons, in the U.S., citizens or not. I hope this case gets to the U.S. Supreme Court.

More mission creep in Libya?

The U.S. formally recognized the rebels are the lawful government in Libya. After Obama and others said he has to go (and the international court charged him with crimes) it is not surprising that Gadhafi dug in his heels. Pres. Obama's arrogant end-around the War Powers Act re Libya is starting to look like mission creep. Congress needs to seriously consider cutting off funds.

Mexicans also angry about BATF's Opn Fast & Furious

Glad to see that at least some folks in Mexico are beginning to see that they are the primary victims of BATF's idiotic Operation Fast and Furious!

Primer on Driving While Stoned

Although it may not contain anything some of you don't already know, this is a good, short article.

New high tech tool for police

New high tech tool for police. Based on current Fourth Amendment theory I don't see any problems with this if it happens in a public place and police do not have to restrain the suspect. Restraint would require at least a reasonable suspicion.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

OperationFast and Furious Timeline

The Fast and Furious Scandal is a complex one. See the CBS News timeline.

First Congressional Report on BATF's Fast and Furious

The first report from Congress on BATF's disastrous Operation Fast and Furious is out. If you already have high blood pressure, I suggest you pass on this. Your tax money at work!

A 51st State?

Some conservative California counties want to split off and form a new state. Not much chance of this getting through. Thanks to Chris Gage for this item!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Chicago's post-McDonald Gun law exposed

It is always disgraceful when public officials deliberately attempt to defeat the Constitution (which they have sworn to uphold) and Supreme Court decisions. I am reminded of southern resistance to public school desegregation. After Chicago lost before the U.S. Supreme Court in McDonald v. Chicago, it tried the scheme challenged in this court case. This case is not over yet as the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals approved only a preliminary injunction against the city. There is more to come in this case, but it appears that the Constitution will prevail. You really need to read this case to see how little respect the Constitution gets in Chicago. As the concurring opinion notes, this was a "thumbing of the municipal nose at the Supreme Court." If you think the fight for individual Second Amendment rights is over, you'd better think again. Another scary thing to remember in the upcoming Presidential elections is that the Second Amendment hangs by one vote in the Supreme Court. Our current President appointed two Justices who are clearly anti-Second Amendment. Fortunately, they only replaced two older Justices who were also anti-Second Amendment. To paraphrase a famous saying: "Eternal vigilance [and voting are] the price of liberty"

These officers should have been terminated

Dangerous, stupid, immature conduct inside police stations should not be tolerated. both officers drew weapons. A handgun was discharged. Although no one was hurt, one week unpaid supervision as discipline is a joke! Tampa PD has apparently dumbed down it's expectations for its officers.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Reflecting on the Fourth of July

As we celebrate the 4th of July, please take a moment to reflect on where we came from and where we are now. The two main complaints of the rebellious colonists were lack of representation in Parliament and deprivations of liberty. We now have representation, but I’m not so confident about our liberty. As noted before, constitutional liberty is under constant attack from both the political left and right. I’ve been taking lots of shots at the liberals, but they hold the White House and during Democratic dominance in Congress passed lots of constitutionally questionable legislation. Let me try to add some balance to this debate. In the spirit of constitutional rights, I call upon my friends on the Right to end their opposition to lawful gay marriage. Like it or not, our courts or legislatures are eventually going to require recognition of it. Gays are human beings like everyone else. Even if you personally think they are sinful, the Constitution, not your religion, is the supreme law of the land. No one can require you to go to the ceremony or personally recognize the union. People have got to remember that they have no right to have their beliefs enacted into law when it conflicts with the Constitution. I respect everyone's freedom of religion, but, America is not a theocracy. Don't use your religious freedom as a weapon to destroy the freedom of others. I call upon my friends on the Left to end their opposition to granting law-abiding, competent adult citizens their Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. Second Amendment rights are not absolute, but they deserve as much or more respect than anything else in the Bill or Rights. Guns do not cause crime. Gun control will not reduce crime as those intent on violent crime will always be able to obtain a gun on the black market. We cannot even attempt to strictly control guns without violating other rights in addition to the Second Amendment (e.g. due process, self-incrimination, search and seizure). Guns are used for lawful self-defense as much or more than for crime. People have a natural law right to defend themselves. Depriving people of guns for defensive purposes is a burden that falls most heavily on the poor and minorities who tend to live in high crime neighborhoods. The wealthy with their security guards and high-tech security systems in their gated communities and high-security high-rises see no need for defensive arms. Further, if we take away people’s Second Amendment rights, what kind of precedent does that set? Let’s join together and start respecting everyone’s liberties—not just the liberties and people we personally like.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Busy month for busting crooked politicians

Many of our elected officials have been busy beavers! Not only to the rip us off, we pay their salaries. No wonder so many folks aspire to political office. Even too many of the honest ones are right or left-wing ideologues who care nothing about the supreme law of the land. There is also a new political scandal developing in Dallas City government. Never a dull moment! Is this a great country or what? The overall quality of public leadership in this country is appalling!

Austerity unrest in Britain

A look at austerity unrest in Britain. See earlier post on Greece for that example. Is this what the U.S. has to look forward to? Note the class warfare rhetoric of one of interviewees. The entitlement mentality at work. Karl and Friedrich would be pleased.