Thursday, November 28, 2013

Politics makes strange bedfellows; Critics of economic inequality.

The Left and Catholic Church are often on the opposite sides in many issues (e.g., abortion, birth control, freedom of religion, opportunities for women).  However, both are critics of the economic inequality in capitalist societies such as the U.S.  Economic inequality has become the newest obsession of the left. Pres. Obama recently complained about it.  I guess after the Obamacare debacle he felt a need to try to rally his far-left supporters.

  Yes, it can be harmful, and capitalism has its costs.  I dislike much about capitalism, (putting profits above all other values, indifference to humanistic values, sacrificing lives for profit, short-term outlook, etc.) but overall it is the most productive and conducive to a free society.  Opponents of inequality of income ignore the issues of causation, incentives, the dangers of the entitlement mentality, connections between economic and other freedoms, etc.  For instance, single parenthood, teen births and illegitimacy are prime causes of poverty among women in low income communities.  Rather than attack the economic system and redistribute income, why not work on the causes such as dropping out of school, high illegitimacy rates, lousy schools, etc.  Rates of poverty are associated with teenage parenthood and illegitimacy.  See this report on birth rates, etc.  Don't get me wrong, I am not flatly opposed to progressive income and inheritance taxes, "social programs,"student loans and grants, minimum wage laws, Head Start, "welfare" programs etc., if done properly.  I am not flatly opposed to programs to lessen poverty if done properly.  I am opposed to government-imposed equality of results.  I favor equal opportunity as long as no one is denied equal protection of the law. I am opposed to direct transfers of income from the "affluent" to the lower income persons to lessen income inequality. 
Finally, in the Leftist literature I have noticed much carping about how corporate executives make millions, but little or nothing about professional athletes of entertainers who likewise make millions.  It is apparently only a problem if "capitalists" have obscenely high incomes.

Obamacare back to Supreme Court

The Supreme Court will consider whether employers who religiously oppose it can be required by Obamacare to cover forms of medicines and devices (contraceptives) that can  terminate pregnancy.  The company is run by a Mennonite family.  Federal appeals courts are split on the issue which involves a number of sub-issues, including the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Free exercise of religion, rights of corporation, etc.

School Officials charged in Steubenville rape case

Four public school officials in Steubenville, Ohio, (including a school superintendent  and 2 coaches) were charged with tampering, obstruction, etc. in the investigation of an alleged sexual assault on a 16 year old girl by 2 high school football players.  Unfortunately, these coverups are probably more frequent that we know. Apparently, sports are more important than justice for some people.  The "boys will be boys" excuse doesn't fly anymore.
Recall the Penn State football child sex-abuse case?

Demolition Contractor Charged with Murder

In a highly unusual case, a demolition contractor in Philadelphia, Pa. was charged with murder.  A botched demolition resulted in the death of 6 persons in a neighboring Salvation Army Thrift Store.

Officer convicted of shooting unarmed teen

Criminal prosecutions and convictions of police officers for using excessive force are extremely rare.  This case from Okla. is a recent exception.

Friday, November 15, 2013

More left-wing authoritarianism--warranltess gun inspections

Nothing brings left-wing authoritarians out of the closet quicker than "guns." and the Second Amendment.  Latest example of Fourth Amendment insanity aimed at gun owners.  Unfortunately, for this country, we also have lots of right-wing authoritarians, e.g. when it comes to certain aspects of the First Amendment, privacy  rights, etc. To elaborate on older quotes:  Eternal vigilance against both the Left and Right is the price of liberty; The road to authoritarian government is paved with good intentions;  Power corrupts--more power means more corruption.

Majority say Obama not trustworthy

New poll shows that a majority of Americans do not believe the President is honest and trustworthy.  His lies about Obamacare not causing cancellations finally caught up with him.  However, this is just the straw that broke the camel's back. For instance, Months ago he told the people that the NSA spying and other programs were under control and that there was nothing to worry about.  Wikileaks, Snowden, complaints from foreign leaders and other sources showed this not to be the case.  He promised to close Guantanamo, make government more transparent, etc., etc., etc.  Is the Obamessiah a false prophet? Will Obamania finally collapse?  Or, has the attained cult of personality status such that supporters will ignore the facts?  Time will tell.

Friday, November 08, 2013

More police and court corruption in Chicago?

Latest allegations only tend to confirm Chicago's reputation as one of America's most corrupt cities.  I don't know why black voters continue to support city governments that continue to profile them?

San Diego PD starts facial recognition program

San Diego PD started a facial recognition program that should help law enforcement greatly.  Another example of battlefield technology making it into law enforcement.  I see no Fourth Amendment or constitutional right to privacy  problem with this.  Although I strongly support civil liberties, I do not take a knee-jerk approach.  Every once in a while the police and government do respect our rights.

Fla. refuses to repeal 'stand your ground."

The Fla. legislature has refused to repeal its stand your ground self-defense law.  Although it played no part in the George Zimmerman case, the left went apoplectic against this law.  The right to use lawful arms for lawful self-defense is the essence of the Second Amendment and a natural law right.

Another MSNBC media scandal?

The state of the mainstream media in this country is disgraceful.  It comes from both the left-leaning and right-leaning media.  MSNBC is one of the worst examples. Is this a factor in the terrible quality of people who are getting elected? (see prior post).
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Obama credibilty takes another hit: bakctracks on Obamacare problem

Has our President revealed his true nature as a Chicago/Illinois politician?  Another backtrack.

Disgraceful Toronto Mayor

Looks like the U.S. isn't the only place with abominable leadership.  Disgraced Toronto mayor refuses to resign.  Trying to play politics to stay in office and get re-elected. Reminds me of the recent may of San Diego.  Another example is U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings.