Saturday, July 15, 2017


 Donald Trump and many Republicans seem to be big admirers and defenders of Russsia's murderous dictator, V. Putin.  Trump refused to denounce Putin for ordering the killing of Putin critics.

Seems like others have jumped on the bandwagon.

Distrusting the Russians used to be a cardinal characteristic of Republicans.  Perhaps Trump and these others are not really Republicans?

Trump seems to be a big admirer of authoritarian leaders.  His favorite President is Andrew Jackson.  Famous for talking tough, bucking the Supreme Court and causing the Cherokee's 'Trail of Tears.' (Has Trump never heard of George Washington or Abramaham  Lincoln, the two most usually mentioned as best Presidents) He has spoken favorably of the Phillipines dictator who has supported summary execution on suspected drug dealers.

It seems that authoritarians admire other authoritarians.

"When Donald Tump ran for president, and in the weeks after winning the election, his critics justifiably worried about his autocratic tendencies. This man, after all, had egged on his followers to assault protesters, called for his political opponent to be jailed, attacked the independence of the judiciary, and repeatedly expressed an unwholesome admiration for tyrants like Saddam Hussein and Vladimir Putin. As president, Trump has continued to show worrisome anti-democratic instincts, as in his continued lambasting of the judiciary and calls for changes in libel laws to curtain freedom of the press. On Tuesday night, Trump tweeted criticism of his FBI director, James Comey, an especially unwise move given that Comey is investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government last year. By bashing a government official who is supposed to be independent, Trump confirmed fears that he’s an authoritarian at heart."

  Thank God we have Constitution and Supreme Court that will stand up to Presidents with such attitudes.

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