Saturday, July 29, 2017


Is the 7-year embarrassment of Republicans trying to repeal and/or replace the ACA finally over? American government operating at it's worst. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, 'democracy is the worst poltical system until you look at all the others.'

Republicans have no one else to blame but their own leadership. Trump just has too many liabilities and no real leadership skills.  McConnell is a sick joke. 

White Congress fiddled, the world and other priorities burned.  The Koreans reportedly launched a missile with the capacity to reach California.  Might Congress not want to address this issue, at least now?  It may be too late for Congress to act now to protect the country and our allies.   What happened to infrastructure repair? I guess we can now focus on other crucial issues like building a multi-billion dollar wall on our southern border.  That just means billions less spent while real problems fester at home and around the world.

Insight into how politics works is shown by the following from the health care fiasco.

"The recruitment efforts grew more ham-fisted with time. After a vote on Tuesday to proceed to a debate on health care repeal, which only Ms. Murkowski and Ms. Collins opposed among Republicans, Ms. Murkowski received a phone call: Mr. Trump had directed his interior secretary, Ryan Zinke, to remind the senator of issues affecting her state that are controlled by the Interior Department, according to people familiar with a phone call between the two."
Congrats to Senator Murkowski for refusing to be bullied!  How many other people in Congress got such calls along the way?  This may be SOP for DC, but it is a serious threat to the constitutional principle of separation of powers.
When are the American people going to get fed up and finally demand and vote for representatives and leadership with ethics, intelligence, leadership skills, veracity, and a real concern for the nation, not just their re-election and their Party.  It's time to stop voting on anger, bromance, emotion, and a whole serious of motives that result in inefficient, corrupt government.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!

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