Friday, June 30, 2017


As I and others have stated before, the election of Trump has been interpreted, rightly or wrongly, accurately or inaccurately, as support for the alt-right and various supremacy movements.  Except perhaps for those into history and politics, the current President is seen as a worthy role model.  Why would millions of people have voted for him is spite of his numerous outrages statements spanning many years.  The looseness of the President and his administration with the truth and facts also sets a model for many.  The forceful ejection of peaceful protesters from Trump campaign stops suggests and unhealthy tolerance for force.  Many Trumpistas see that a carte blacnhe for previously unacceptable, if not illegal behavior.   The Attorney General has cut back on federal intervention into unlawful use of force by police and wants to reinstate the failed 'war on drugs.'  One senses a hard, mean, scorched earth policy toward those who are not liked.  The message to many out there is clear. It's OK to violate laws and engage in disgraceful behavior. It is  disgraceful message.  I'm not saying these kinds of event never happened before.  Trump and the alt-right Republicans have encouraged such behavior, intentionally or not.

Here are some examples.
1.  Trump and women.  His recorded 'crotch grabbing' remarks were disgusting.  He has a long history of immature put downs of women.  He treats them as a true sexist would.  Here's a recent example.
More on the Mika B incident later
For a complete list and text  of his sexist statements see

2.  City Councilman in Ohio suggests that one way to deal with the opiate addiction epidemic is to refuse EMS service for multiple overdose patients.  Where do they find these people? 'Scorched earth' policy for these citizens.  Would anyone have dared to say such an outarageous thing before Trump and the alt-right emergence. What is his mentality?  Hopefully he will be voted out, but don't count on it.  There are lots of alt-right, scorched earth, Trump toadies and sycophants out there.

3.  Three young black women who were fashionably, modestly and appropriately dressed black women were denied access to a bar in Dallas.  The bouncer said they didn't meet the dress code.  The owner later said he didn't know this was required by city ordinance.  He did not produce a written copy during the interview.  He said that there was a fight and the Texas ABC regulations required him to not let anyone else in the bar.   Why didn't the bouncer tell these women this--if it really happened?  Advertising media for the bar shows women who are much less well-dressed than these 3.  There have been prior similar complaints against the bar.  The matter is under investigation. Sounds like a cover-up to me.  Stay tuned.

"It's déjà vu all over again. Three summers ago, the city and the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division intervened after DeAndré Upshaw was denied entry to Kung Fu Saloon because of his sneakers but really because of his skin. The bar eventually had to pay a fine and agree to actually follow the law. Yet years later, stories still abound in which patrons say they've been denied entrance to Trophy Room and other Uptown clubs based on dress codes that aren't publicly posted and used whenever bouncers want to keep black and brown people out.

See also

These kinds of allegations and incidents are happening regularly in the U.S. and overseas and in Europe. Just google the topic for examples.


  1. Don't have to like Trump in order to understand that he would not have succeeded but for the crapola of RINOs and Leftists during the recent 25 years. Disgust with "business as usual" on the part of the Beltway Bandits, the FRB and the Banksters made him successful.


  2. Since you have not denied the accuracy of the post, I assume you agree. Is your comment some kind of excuse for such behavior by the President of the U.S?