Thursday, June 29, 2017


Personal note:  If I had to put a label on my political views I would say I am a 'cautious libertarian.'  I have never understood why many libertarians have adopted the Randian version.  I tried reading her two most famous books and found them intellectually barren. All they are is a celebration of narcissism,  and individuality over all other values. The ideas are popular because they tell many people what they want to hear.  See the book, "The Culture of Narcissism." (the author blames, among others acquisitive capitalism, and left-wing 'entitlement' theory)
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My own version of  'libertarianism' is based on constitutional values and the ideas of the 'Founding Fathers.'  My main criticism of libertarianism is that it has a naive faith in rationality and humanity of human beings, and a blindness toward the dysfunctions, harms and frauds of free-market capitalism. 

Trump, Randians, and Republicans in general show a general disdain for the masses.  Many are in the masses themselves.  They cut their own threats because Trump et al. feeds their supremacists appetites and takes their side in the culture wars.  It's pretty obvious that the Republicans favor corporations and the affluent.  Trump claims to champion them and too their votes, but his policies, show otherwise little or no serious support.  (e.g. support for the Republican Senate health care bill. Propping up coal mining jobs which will  inevitably all butvdisappear is not support for the working class.)

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