Friday, June 09, 2017


Here’s 4 items regarding how government and politics often do not work in Texas.

1.  The Dallas Police and Fire Pension system is seriously failing due to the managing board’s reckless, unprofessional and possibly bribe-induced investments in real estate, esp.  in Idaho, of all places.  The feds are investigating.  The state has approved a partial bailout, but city taxpayers will end up paying huge amounts and benefits will be cut.  The City finally wrested control from the pension board (which included fire and police personnel).  Before the city took over, the board agreed to a full-year salary as severance benefits to 3 top fund officials if they lost their jobs. They wrecked the pension fund and now the 3 will get a total of almost $900,000 from a fund that is basically bankrupt.  Are you kidding me? Let’s hope the feds get justice for the city and the police and firefighters in the end.

2.  Texas has been in a continuing legal fight with the federal courts over its disgraceful treatment of neglected and abused children taken into state custody.  Many children had to sleep-over at Department offices.  In one incident two girls ran away from an office and one was killed.  The state supposedly made emergency moves to fix the problem and the legislature appropriated money to fix the problem.  Yet, sleep-overs and going up, not down.  Go figure!  This situation and similar lack of concern for the unfortunate,(almost always humans  without money and political support, and/ or, “unpopular” minorities to white, traditional, Christian supremacists) shows that when ideology and money talks, ethics and human values walk.

3.  Here’s another unbelievable story from Dallas County regarding letting groups of juvenile sex offenders sleep together unsupervised on the floor in a large room.  I don’t have to tell you what happened.

4.  Time does not allow for full exposition of the insanity, chaos, pushing and shoving and threats that accompanied the latest TX legislative session, the failure complete their business on time, and the calling of a special session to deal with, among other things, Texas’ ludicrous bathroom bill.  This is what happens what a hard-core group of ideologues take a ‘full-speed ahead, damn the torpedoes” attitude.  What a joke and embarrassment.  With billions of dollars in the budgets, millions of residents, and pressing problems, the Texas legislature only meets every other year. At the end of regular sessions there is a mad rush to pass bills that many members have not read and are poorly worded and thought out.  The latest word is that the far-right ideologue Lt. Governor who heads the Senate deliberately sabotaged the finish of the regular session so that there would be a special session where some of his pet bills that did not pass (e.g. bathroom bill) would have to be heard and possibly pass because legislators are worn out, tired and want to get back to work and home.  Search the Dallas Morning News or google the topics. 

ALL those involved in these 4 events should be ashamed and taxpayers and voters should be “mad as hell.”  Where do they find these people?  Unfortunately too many voters and taxpayers cannot escape from their echo chambers or smart phones to care. 

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