Saturday, June 10, 2017

Timeline of Russian Investigation

Think this is much ado about nothing?  Check this timeline out.


  1. Bad when Russia does what the CIA does, but it's okay when the CIA does the same thing.

    So the DNC was hacked. The actual important thing is what was exposed, not the exposure. And, face it, a lot came from inside leaks about all the nastiness against Bernie.

    Flynn didn't propose anything that I would not have proposed. Getting along and doing business beats the bejeezus out of pushing NATO toward a shooting war.

    Much ado about nothing.


  2. Liberal progressives cannot believe Trump received the electoral vote. How could this happen? In my case, a vote for Trump was actually a vote against Hillary. That was the only realistic option for blocking the mad cycle of centralized bureaucratic domestic overreach, courtesy of the DNC. And I'm a Texan, not Russian. Democrats and anti-Trump conservatives have joined forces to undermine Trump's presidency using any means possible. Blame the Russians seemed to catch on and has now taken on a life of its own through these groups' collaborative hysteria. This effort is not only wasteful, but very tiresome and extremely disgusting.