Thursday, June 15, 2017


Reality laid a cold, hard slap to the face of Trumpistas a day ago.

  It reminds me of the Benjamin Franklin  saying, 'experience (reality) keep a dear school-- but fools will learn in no other.'
When the Trump's Justice department appointed a man of integrity and political independence as Special Prosecutor (no doubt with Trump's approval), many could see that this day would eventually arrive. The President (and perhaps others on his staff) is/are under investigation for obstruction of justice for his dealings with former FBI Director Comey and perhaps others officials.  Anyone who knows anything about criminal law, criminal procedure, etc. knows there is probable cause to believe that Trump violated the law.  Sessions confirmed part of Comey's account.  The mystery tapes, if the exist, could clear Trump.  Yet, no one in the White House will confirm of deny if they exist.  Does this sound like the actions of a totally innocent suspect?  If there are tapes that support Trump, why not release them?  The logical conclusion is that either there are no tapes or the tapes prove Comey is right. The special prosecutor can get them, and there is no executive privilege in criminal cases for Trump's toadies to hide behind. Some Republicans are already talking about getting rid of the Special Prosecutor. 
Will history repeat itself (e.g. Watergate)?  The truth will eventually come out about  Trump cronies and even persons even appointed by Trump being involved in negotiation with the Russians regarding the election.  Flynn and Sessions have already lied about the issue.  When politicians are involved, whether on the right or left, 'where there's smoke, there's almost always fire.'

Some Trumpistas will  respond with their dumb comebacks (e.g Hillary Clinton would be worse).  The dumbest excuses seem to admit that Trump did it but should be excused because he was a 'rookie,' or 'political novice.'  Ignorance of the law is not a valid legal excuse.  Stupidity and lack of ethical sense is not an excuse.  If a rookie cop took a bribe would we excuse him because he is a naive rookie and doesn't remember anything from the policy academy about ethics and bribery?  If Trump weren't President, a grand jury would be convening to investigate.  This is what happens to lower level political crooks. Anyone who knows anything about the law of criminal evidence knows that   Trump's behavior in trying to buddy up with Comey and his telling all others at  the meeting to leave is evidence of criminal intent or knowledge of guilt.
 Some sycophants will retreat even further into their irrational, delusional, echo chambers.  Some will finally come to their senses and be glad the investigation has finally started.  Although it is probably a long shot,  there may have been no criminal or ethical violations.  That's why all should welcome the investigation.  At this point the evidentiary cards are stacked heavily against Trump,  but I could be wrong and applaud the Special Prosecutor.
This who situation is a sad and serious crisis for America.  We need the truth to get past this.  This topic will dominate the news for months.  Look back at Watergate and Nixon.


  1. Nice for Comey to have a long-time friend as an oh-so-objective Special Prosecutor.


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