Thursday, June 29, 2017


The Senate Republican health care bill was drawn up in private sessions.  No Dems, media or citizens were invited.  If transparency is the ultimate sanitizer, secrecy must be ultimate concealer of festering feces.  Some Repub. Senators say the have not seen the final draft of the bill.
 Is this how American democracy is supposed to work.  I guess with Trump and his toadies we now have a new set of rules.  If you have democratic values, you should be concerned with these 'government in secret' tactics.  If you don't care about how American democracy works, it probably doesn't bother you.

A new poll shows that a majority of Americans do not support the bill.

The bill includes a classic con.  They promise lower premiums and more flexibility.  They forget to mention that the CBO says out-of-pocket costs will rise for most Americans.  The elderly, those with chronic illnesses, traumatic injuries will be hit very hard. Those who are not affluent could be squeezed unmercifully.

  This, just makes economic sense.  You lower prices and limit benefits. Medicare, which is relied on by many senior citizens and the 'masses' will be cut. Yet, the Repubs. refuse to acknowledge this.  Why not work on reducing the cost of health care costs? Republicans have no interest in this.  Too many seem only to be interested in putting more $ in the pockets of the health care industry tycoons and America's wealthiest citizens.The cost for America's wealthiest citizens will go down.  They are the ones who need it the least. Who do you think is buying into expensive concierge medicine plans?

Fortunately, this plan will probably fail.  The public is wising up.  Conservative Repub. Senator says the Senate leadership's timetable for passing the bill will happen when  "pigs can fly".

Many Republicans are reluctant because of the cuts.  Others are just disdaining the masses (see related post).  Some seem to be taking a scorched earth approach in supporting the bill (e.g Senator Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.)  I just don't understand this disdain, if not hatred, for America's less affluent citizens. 

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