Thursday, June 22, 2017


"Trump says he has no Comey tapes
'I did not make, and do not have, any such recordings,' Trump tweets, a day before a deadline to hand over any tapes."
Why didn't he just give us the answer nearly SIX WEEKS ago when the question was asked?  Does he not know whether or not his conversation are taped and had to ask someone.  Trump is largely incompetent as a President, but is this more incompetence or just his usual BS?  How can this rationally be defended.  I stress the word rationally

"And in the end, it wasn't just another bluff from Trump; it was another bluff that was called and that continued to chip away at Trump's honesty and credibility, for no discernible benefit."
As a former prosecutor I am always suspicious of questionable assertions, etc. from the subjects of criminal investigations.  Perhaps the delay resulted form weight various options and now the tapes have been destroyed.  This would be both obstruction of justice and a violation of federal law which says that the tapes are the property of the U.S. people, and destruction is a crime.  Is this doing to be a  Watergate deja vu'?

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