Friday, June 23, 2017


There is a new-plain-speaking approach at my blog and my e-mails.  See, for example, the post  that was made after this one.  Why the change?  I have long been inspired by the quote below. Our current crisis and potential future, has spurred me to action.
You may be familiar with this quote.
First, they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

Please read this article at Wikipedia re this quote.

I am not attempting to equate Trump and the far-right with specific topic of this quote. The basic message would be the same, no matter who or what the context.
Some people are rightly more focussed on surviving economically in a society with exreme dysfunctional economic disparity.  However, too many people are ‘too busy,’ too afraid, too lacking in appropriate values, stuck in their echo chambers, more concerned with their ideologies or beliefs that basic concept of honesty, decency, morality, and the values of America’s democracy and its constitution.  Perhaps they live in a world of individual or group delusion which allows then to disregard reality.  People still deny the existence of the Holocaust, that protecting slavery was the main motivation for secession which lead to the Civil War.  People in Japan still blame the U.S. for starting WWII in the Pacific. 
Many people wonder how Germany, one of the world’s greatest countries could have let itself fall under the horrible sway of Hitler.  Hitler was not the only alternative the problems of Germany at the time.  Too many people didn’t care, weren’t aware or agreed with Hitler’s hatred of the Jews and his theory of Aryan Supremacy.  The quote hints at the answer.
I am inspired by Niemoller’s quote.  I have long studied politics, government, history, law and ideology, looking for insight and understanding.  I care about this country and its people, human values and constitutional rights.  I’m fed up with incompetent, unethical, lying and dissembling politicians.  I’m tired of government employees with the same maladies.  The rise of “alternative facts, post-truth attitudes, echo chambers, political polarization, smart phone obsession” and other factors have placed out democracy and the values I hold dear in jeopardy.  I, like many Americans find it increasingly different to be proud of our country. We are a laughingstock among much of educated Europe and its leaders.  The tragic worst-case example is the election and record of our current President, Donald Trump.  His Presidency is unparallelled in American history.   His immaturity, impulsivity, disregard for the truth, lack of ethics makes some of our worst Presidents look saintly by comparison.  Never, in my lifetime have we seen such chaos and continuing scandals.  For instance, never before has a former FBI Director labelled a President a liar.  Never before has a President had his air-head daughter a special advisor.  Never before has a President appointed so many unqualified, ideological driven, Cabinet, advisors and officials.  Steven Bannon is a far-right ideologue far beyond belief.  He has made some good appointments (e.g. Neil Gorsuch) but overall the record of appointments is abominable.

I have been following President’s closely since LBJ, and have read extensively in American history written by real history scholars (e.g. Eric Foner). IMHO, Trump is, by far, the worst President in American history.  We have not been in such a divisive crisis since secession and the Civil War.

For me, it’s time to speak out!  I have conscience. I care about humanistic values, human beings, the rule of law, constitutional rights, our Constitution.  I am sick of irrational ideologues who think only of themselves and their ideology.


  1. Like art, equality is in the mind of the beholder. Some people want to create their own version of utopia, where they expect everyone to to obey their "social justice" rules. Other folks work with a world as it actually is, respecting "fair and balanced" natural rights. The balanced part means their are natural limitations. As you've mentioned, individual rights are not absolute. They must be tempered so as not to endanger the public. There is no right to threaten or commit violence against conservatives because they disagree with leftist or those of the anti-Trump movement. Be these obstructionist politicians, self-righteous MSM, and unhappy citizens. I wasn't happy with Bubba or Barry's terms. IMHO. their domestic and foreign polices often proved less than productive, if not downright damaging. This current elitist fed hatred of Mr. Trump isn't helping matters. He's not a smooth operator. But he is a practical decision maker. And that's why practical Americans, who live in the real world, voted for him. The same people who truly do believe in and support our country's Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution with its Bill of Rights.

  2. " ... balanced part means their [sic] are natural limitations." The battle of the automatic spell checker. I must have changed "their" to "there" several times. The published version came out as "their". Not my [sic].