Monday, April 09, 2012

Zimmerman-Martin Coverage a Disgrace.

I've stayed away from the Zimmerman-Martin issue as I'm sure most people have had their fill. However, the coverage of this issue has been so biased that someone has to speak out. It's so sad that journalistic ethics has become an oxymoron for many in the business. Too many journalists, on both the Left and Right have become cultural warriors. NBC fired a producer for editing Geo. Zimmerman's 911 call, apparently to make it look more like a racially motivated incident. If you have been following the coverage it is also disturbing to see so many TV and other journalists acting more like prosecutor's in this case than reporters. One segment I saw on a national network involved a newsman cross-examining Zimmerman's attorney just like a prosecutor. With the Pres. having added his two cents, Zimmerman's right to fair trial may be in jeopardy. It's time for the media to back off some, take a course in ethics and journalism, and let the system do it's work.

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