Thursday, April 26, 2012

Zimmerman case and propaganda

The Geo. Zimmerman case has roused such passions and media distortion because it implicates a number of hot-button American culture wars issues.  Among these are concealed carry laws, self-defense, gun control and the Second Amendment.  The case was used in the U.S. Senate to put a hold on the national concealed carry reciprocity bill by none other than gun control fanatic Sen. Diane Feinstein.  There’s no need to allege conspiracies, ideologues of all stripes are always looking for a new item that they can manipulate for propaganda purposes. There's nothing wrong with examining and raising the issues of face.  However, the Left played the race card in an emotional, propagandistic fashion not only to demonize others but to attempt to gain advantage on these hot-button issues.  One of the purposes of propaganda is to foster emotion to overcome rational thought and discussion of issues.  Once the race card is played, it’s all over for sensible, intelligent, rational treatment of a case or issue.  Even if race played a factor, that’s no excuse to abandon fair and rational discussion and media coverage.  Why do so many people find it so difficult to rationally discuss our racial problems? 
See also this perceptive article by Thomas Sowell.

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  1. Although racial division today is mostly the province of power grabbing socialist wannabes, be they fascist or new deal democrats, the shameful and ugly chapter of race discrimination was written long ago in our country's founding history.