Friday, April 20, 2012

Voter ID law upheld by 9th Circuit

Following U.S. Supreme Court precedent, the Ninth Circuit upheld AZ's voter ID law. From the soapbox: let's first understand that most political and public policy rhetoric is just that--rhetoric. Opposition or support is more likely to be based on the principle of "who benefits?" or "whose ox is being gored?" Self-interest is always cloaked in the mantle of the public interest. Let's take a look at what really underlies the controversy over voter ID laws. Democrats oppose them because they hinder Democratic political machines from turning out the folks who will pull the straight Dem. party lever even though they know nothing about the issues or candidates. In spite of the Dems pooh-pooing the charges of election fraud, there are criminal prosecutions on this, and it is largely under-reported, and un-discovered. Dems disproportionately benefit from voter fraud. In any case, Dems are afraid it will hurt the vote for Dems. Republicans hope that, one way or the other, voter ID laws will lessen the Democratic vote. Neither side really cares about voter fraud.


  1. Those in favor of voter ID laws seek fair elections contrary to what liberal social activist claim. So I respectfully disagree that neither side cares about voter fraud.

  2. 44: Thanks for the comment. I hope you are right. Following politics has made me terribly cynical.

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    1. Edited: Your reply is most appreciated. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have either forgotten, or purposely subverted, the limited government our founders bequeathed. Not to mention their failure to uphold what America's warriors and patriots fought hard to preserve. Today's biggest offenders are the socialist wannabes in power. For for these elitist social engineers, that's Demagogue + Bureaucrat = Democrat.