Monday, April 16, 2012

Today in History: Virginia Tech Massacre, Emancipation in D.C.

Virginia Tech (2007) Massacre: Virginia later closed the legal loopholes that had previously allowed Cho, an individual adjudicated as mentally unsound, to purchase handguns without detection by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). It also led to passage of the first major federal gun control measure in more than 13 years. The law strengthening the NICS were adopted in early 2008.
Bloggers take: Laws can't work if they aren't enforced.

1862: Emancipation Day in D.C.

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  1. The VT shootings illustrate another frustrating example of how rational adults were not able to exercise their natural right of armed self-defense against a deranged malevolent assailant. This murderer easily walked unopposed from room to room firing at will, only stopping to reload. The university's anti-carry policies accounted for the greater number of casualties. These law-abiding citizens followed the rules, sadly to their own demise. More enforcement during the critical moments of VT's senseless tragedy wouldn't have changed the final death toll.