Thursday, April 12, 2012

Latest on Obama v. Supreme Court

Latest on Obama v. Supreme Court. Hard to believe that the Pres. taught a course on constitutional law. Actually, there have been lots of federal statutes invalidated by the Supreme Court. Most of these decisions coming in the last 50 or 60 years. I can't recall a President in the last 30 years who was so outspoken in his lack of respect for the Supreme Court. Obama apparently views the Constitution and the Supreme Court as dangerous obstacles in the way of his goal to use federal power to create a left-wing paradise.


  1. Prof. Kessler,

    Certainly the Supreme Court has the authority to invalidate federal statutes and I'll agree that President Obama's statements you reference were disingenuous. However, I believe adequate healthcare for all is the minimum acceptable in a rational and moral society and not "left-wing paradise."

    Hugh Garrett

  2. The problem with social progressives is they fail to see the proverbial forest because of the trees. SCOTUS' decision is not about healthcare, but rather about the limited role of the nation's central government. Our country's founders established a federal republic, not a socialist democracy. Obama's so called "CHANGE" is obviously trying to achieve the latter. According to James Madison's Federalist commentary # 45, the federal government's power was limited to foreign items like war, peace, negotiation and commerce. All domestic affairs belonged exclusively to the respective states. This design of dual-sovereignty was part of the separation of powers under our founders' federalism. So I must agree with the good professor that the Obama administration is using " ...federal power to create a left-wing paradise.".

  3. PS: Mario Loyola's article "The right question to ask Obama on the constitution" may be viewed at

  4. 44 & Hugh:
    Thaks for the comments. The issue with Obamacare that I have is a constitutional one. It may be a good policy. Perhaps socialism would be good for the U.S. I doubt it.

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