Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More economic chaos and Eurpopean-style socialism

As others and I have noted before, the EEU with its Democratic Socialism is clearly where Obama and liberal Democrats want to take the country, in spite of little or no constitutional justification. They, and most of the media ignore the lesson of where European-style socialism has taken much of western Europe (e.g. Greece, Portugal, Ireland). Huge deficits which can only be remedied by austerity cuts which bring out riots, destruction, etc. The philosophy seems to be "full speed ahead, damn the economic realities and the European experience." Spain may be the next casualty. However, the stakes are even higher for Spain.


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  2. Obama and company apparently believe our country's tremendously growing debt is just a big conservative fantasy. Team Obama's socialist wannabe ideology is their reality. After all, who controls the money supply? They do. Need dollars, print more. Only they understand how easy it is to create new promissory notes. This is Obama's definition of "HOPE", which requires "CHANGE" away from our country's dual-sovereign federalism to centralized socialism.