Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Latest on D.C. gun laws

Although the changes in D.C. law are significant, they still reflect an opposition to home ownership of handguns for defensive purposes which is protected by the Second Amendment. Both D.C. and Chicago continue to bob and weave and alter their laws to stay one step ahead of litigation. How foolish of us to think that the Bill of Rights is part of the supreme law of the land, that public officials honor their oaths to support and defend the constitution, and that they recognize the long-established authority of the Supreme Court to strike down state and federal laws.

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  1. DC = the seat of senseless and unproductive bureaucracy. The TSA pulled created a similar obstacle course for airline pilots following 9/11. It must be the swamp water as no rational person thinks the way Beltway bureaucrats do, be they local or national.