Friday, April 06, 2012

More propaganda and inaccurate data on SYG and justifiable homicide.

The claim that Florida's SYG law led to a massive increase in justifiable homicides in that state is probably not true/accurate. Of course, those who are anti-gun, anti-self defense and anti-Second Amendment have latched on to this and the Trayvon Martin killing and created a propaganda cottage industry. As the nation's leading expert on gun crimes etc. FSU Prof. Gary Kleck states in the linked article, such rapid increases are much more likely to be the result in changes in statistical and reporting rules/formats than a change in human behavior. Rapid, huge changes in human behavior are usually statistical/reporting quirks. Further, the law rarely causes such large, rapid changes. Most citizens and criminals don't know the law. Sometimes I don't know if it is a lack of sophistication about law/statistics/reporting/human behavior or just plain ideological bias. Suffice it to say that there is a massive propaganda attack underway on the Second Amendment, concealed carry and self-defense.


  1. There is plenty of correlation and little causation. Thank goodness for Gary Kleck.

    Most information that comes out of Sanford is inaccurate or distorted as agendas and narratives run the news. Give any new claim or headline a few days and the story then balances out or it's refuted altogether.

  2. jr:
    Thanks for the comment. I agree that there is always someone who will write a refutation or provide balance, but the refutation and balance rarely get the attention of the major media. The cultural warriors in the media (on both the Left and Right) are not enthusiastic in carrying/publishing challenges to their material. Yes, the print media prints letters to the editor and op-eds, but how many people read these? The most egregious example is the NY Times. With regard to TV coverage, TV doesn't have op-eds or letters to the editor. How often have you seen an apology on TV from the network for anything? People should have gotten the message from the Dan Rather anti-Bush scandal (Killian documents)

    and the media should have made an effort to clean itself up, but they didn't. Yes, Rather resigned, but no one seemed to have any lessons. Most aren't in the news business, they are in the propaganda business. Journalistic ethics is an oxymoron. Why haven't ABC and NBC covered the BATF Fast and Furious scandal? See newer post above.

  3. Only because Rather's documents, and other recent news items, were "fake but accurate."