Wednesday, August 09, 2017


Trump’s 'make America great’ means turn back the clock against all the civil rights victories since the Civil War, and restore white, Christian, heterosexual males to their well-deserved, if not God-given, supremacy.  Their's are the only decent values, perhaps the only one’s sanctioned by God.  Trump won the evangelical vote by a landslide.

As in physics, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  Blacks, Muslims and Hispancics were courted by the Left.  Black and Hispanic political, social and economic gains were seen as threats to many.  The election of a black President was the  final insult that released the flood, much of which is white, male, Christian, hetersosexual supremacy.  (See ,e.g., the book "White Rage") The philosophical base for the flood has been there for centuries.  It is or was supported by fundamentalist Christian thought and self-interest.  Check out the alt-right and its values and support for Trump.  Check out the burgeoning websites supporting such supremacy and their support for Trump. 

Look at the policies supported by Trump and his supporters, anti-LGBT, bathroom bills, anti-abortion, anti-same-sex marriage, anti-Muslim, anti-immigration, 'traditional'/fundamentalist Christian values,  diluting the votes of blacks and minorities, illegal immigrant (Hispanic)  rapists and murdererss, etc. 
Connect the dots.
Although  I tried to explain this theory in prior posts, this writer does a much better job!

“It is my opinion that the election uncovered an overarching pendulum reaction to half century of movement towards civil and social justice. Trump directly spoke to and captured the racial, religious, and masculine insecurities that have challenged the pillars of straight white Christian male privilege, especially during the Obama presidency:  an African-American president, Gay marriage, the portent of Muslim immigration and the prospect of a woman president. In choosing Trump over Secretary Clinton, a majority of White women chose their racial privilege over their gender advances during the last two generations, and Evangelicals chose Christian white superiority over moral judgment of Trump’s character.

Never before in US history has a serial philanderer, twice-divorced habitual sexual predator passed muster to reach the highest position in the land. A mass counter-offensive and betrayal of the movement towards greater inclusion and democratization of the American society rallied to the banner of returning America to a time of straight Christian white male domination (making America great again!). I believe that it was fear against the lost privilege and entitlement that coalesced into Trump’s support across all socioeconomic strata, in order to maintain the real and supremacist promise of white Christian male power and dominance in access to resources.

1.      I believe that privilege in gender (male), sexual (straight), racial (white), and religious (Christian)  identities lead to blindness of the sexism and heterosexism in Trump’s campaign, rendering his misogyny normative, downplayed, or invisible to many of his female and male voters. To protect their “interests”, including anti-abortion, they chose white-Christian entitlement over gender and racial justice. They chose power, through the acquisition of political power. They chose to advance their white-Christian Patriarchal status by aligning with the white-Christian supremacy movement.

I do not believe, as some have opined, that this electoral success was based in mass ignorance. We live in the most informed era in human history, and yet, also the most vulnerable era to false news, biased news, propaganda and racial incitement, that can reach the multitudes. The Trump candidacy was a strategic movement to rally the racial and male bias long held in check by “political correctness” and peer pressure, especially in the rust belt and rural centers of the country. Trump’s campaign strategy gave justification and legitimacy for racial bigotry and discrimination, and a voice as a reactionary movement against the diversification of American society.  The Obama administration gave the Trump campaign the symbol it needed to conjure the illusion of systemic loss of white supremacy and privilege.

Even in the face of minimal experience, judgment, or values to carry out the job of president, Trump was chosen by the winning portion of the American voting population (27.1% of Americans eligible to vote as of December, 2016), as a white male demagogue who would fend off the threats to Christian white male supremacy that his propaganda machine and eventually, his political party, the GOP, were able to sell en masse.”



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