Tuesday, August 08, 2017


"A design studio that tried to “reclaim” the swastika by selling shirts emblazoned with rainbow versions of the Nazi symbol has pulled its products after weeks of backlash, including from a national anti-Semitism group.

KA Design first pushed out its idea for “The New Swastika” in a July 12 Facebook video that reviewed the swastika’s long history.

For thousands of years, the video noted, the swastika had been used in numerous cultures to symbolize peace, love, luck, infinity and life.

“but one day Nazism,” text in the video noted, in one of the clip’s many capitalization-challenged semi-non sequiturs. “they stigmatized the Swastika forever. they won / they limited our freedom / or maybe not? the Swastika is coming back. … introducing the new Swastika.”

The video then showed an array of swastikas set against a rainbow background and the words “PEACE,” “LOVE” and “ZEN.” [lame attempt to disguise the real motive.  Does anyone seriously think any Jew or WWII veteran or patriotic American would not find it offensive despite the 'peace' etc.  wording.  The symbol is just the opposite of the 3 words.]

“Wear the freedom,” the video declared, closing with the design studio’s motto: “Questioning Boundaries.”" 
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Trying to lure in the alt-right and neo-Nazi groups for $.  This could only happen when Trump is the President.


  1. " This could only happen when Trump is the President."

    Striving for a record in "Silly", are we? Repeat after me, "Nobody ever went broke by underestimating the bad taste of the American public."

    The bad part about Trump is his 180 away from "Make deals, not war", coupled with this war-mongering expansion of NATO. The wall idea was stupid from the git-go; spend the money, rather, on enforcement of existing law. Next on the list of foolish is this coming trade war with China.

    All the rest of the anti-Trump noise is pretty-much left-wing media hype about trivial matters. But trivia is normal for the Left.


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  3. I doubt the few remaining WWII European theater vets would find it just silly or Trivial.