Wednesday, August 02, 2017


1.  Is Rand Paul  a consistent libertarian, Republican-libertarian, conservative-lilbertarian-ish or just someone pretending to be a conservative Republican so he can build a base for a run as a libertarian candidate.  Is he a gradualists who is a consistent supporter  of libertarian values?  Is he a poseur libertarian who wants libertarian votes?

2.“I know a lot of libertarians declaring that although they supported Representative Ron Paul’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, they can’t back his son in his more plausible 2016 campaign.

They say Rand isn’t really a libertarian. Sometimes they point out that he has never described himself as a libertarian. He told a Harvard audience that he’s “libertarian-ish” and wants “a libertarian influence in the Republican Party.” He told Sean Hannity on Fox that he’s happy to be called “either libertarian conservative or constitutional conservative.”

3.  “Libertarians, in general, are fiscally conservative but socially liberal, with a non-interventionist approach to foreign policy. His father, Ron Paul is a “libertarian cult figure” who had tremendous appeal to young Republicans. Rand Paul is clearly marketing himself as the heir apparent to those supporters — the one candidate with a chance of expanding the Republican base.
But is Rand Paul a libertarian? He certainly likes to talk like a libertarian. Let’s take a look at where he stands on the issues
Rand Paul Opposes Abortion Rights, Sponsored Legislation That Would Make All Abortions Illegal
Rand Paul Opposes Same-Sex Marriage, Finds It ‘Offensive’
Paul received a 100 percent rating from the Family Research Council, one of the nation’s most prominent social conservative organizations.
Rand Paul Supports A Massive Increase In Defense Spending . .  Paul abruptly reversed positions and proposed “a nearly $190 billion infusion to the defense budget over the next two years — a roughly 16 percent increase.” TIME called Paul’s switch a “stunning reversal.”
Rand Paul Supports Extensive Use Of Drones At Home And Abroad

Rand Paul Opposes The Legalization Of Marijuana

Rand Paul Suggested Putting People In Prison For Listening To ‘Radical Political Speeches’
So is Rand Paul, as one supporter told the New York Times, “to the libertarian movement what Pearl Jam is to rock”?
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