Sunday, June 22, 2014

youth curfews coming back?

Youth curfews appear to making a comeback.  Some cities have them on the books but stopped enforcing them.  Others, such as Baltime, are enacting new ones.  As with any increase in police discretion, everyone will need to be on alert for constitutional violations.  However it may help and give parents some more influence. 


  1. Once again, a useless public ordinance that impacts innocent youths. Late night troublemakers don't care about nor will obey a curfew. It only challenges these miscreants to be more daring. A police presence, better parenting, and tougher penalties for juvenile misconduct are far better options than an indiscriminate curfew.

  2. I agree that it will have no effect on hard-core juvenile offenders. It may deter some who are on the edge and may give parents enough gumption to start disciplining their children. I agree that there are better things that could/should be done.