Sunday, June 01, 2014

Good article on the media

Great article on one of the main problems with the media in this country from the NYT Sunday by Frank Bruni (at link).  He writes: "Something happens, and before the facts are even settled, the morals are deduced and the lessons drawn. The story is absorbed into agendas. Everyone has a preferred take on it, a particular use for it. And as one person after another posits its real significance, the discussion travels so far from what set it in motion that the truth — the knowable, verifiable truth — is left in the dust." My favorite example is the George Zimmerman case which was turned into a pseudo-civil liberties,  white racism  issue.  The facts of the case were ignored. Also ignored were the facts that the prosecution's case was very weak and Zimmerman was acquitted.


  1. Journalists must remain vigilant about not crossing a line from objective reporting to subjective bias. The latter only feeds mob appeal which undermines "justice for all".

  2. 44: Thanks: They should, but journalistic ethics have become an oxymoron. Much of the media has deserted new reporting and moved to propaganda and entertainment.