Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Left-wing authoritarianism at work: Amend 1st Amend to give Congress more power

Unfortunately this country is plagued by authoritarians of both the left and right.  The left-dominated media ignores the sins of the left.  The Second Amendment has been a frequent target of the left.  Now freedom of political speech is the target of a proposed constitutional amendment.  The hearings involve the usual left-wing crap.  Outrageous!


  1. The DNC's objective is to divide and conquer. Their move to silence corporations is obviously self-serving. They know perfectly well that corporate America represents the common interests of investors and/or memberships. Who are, of course, the PEOPLE! Talk about an insidious attempt to permanently squash their opponents. Theirs is nothing more than a progressive (socialist wannabe) power grab seeking to destroy a fundamental natural right. And it's getting very old.

  2. 44:
    Thanks! Agreed. Both the far Left and far Right only care about constitutional rights only in terms of advancing their political agendas. Their agendas are the supreme law of the land, not the Constitution.