Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Our law-breaking President.

In the swap of 5 Taliban detainees for a U.S. Pow/"deserter?"he President failed to abide by a statute that requires 30 days notice of releases from Guantanamo.  The White House argued a number of legal and practical points, none of which justify this failure to follow the rule of law.  Lame excuses are embarrassments.  For instance, the fact that former Pres. Bush did it is irrelevant.  IMHO Bush was a failure.  Repeating an offense committed by other  people previously doesn't justify ignoring the law.  Just because others ignored the law and got away  with it, is no justification.  Although it is a long shot with Dems still in control of the Senate, I think we need to start talking about an impeachment resolution.  Where is the incentive to follow the law if there are no negative consequences for violating in?  People with power tend to forget that the rule also applies to them.  Leaders who won't follow the law, or think they are above it, pose a serious danger to democracy and individual rights. Some in his own party are criticizing the way he handled it. I would hope by now that everyone would agree that the only "change" all we got was more left-wing policies.  We didn't get more honesty, integrity and transparency.  

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  1. I fully concur with your concise blog. It's my opinion that Obama is a pathological hypocrite. He swore to faithfully execute the laws of the United States. At the same time he completely ignores congress and violates laws he was sworn to uphold. As a military veteran, this story was especially disturbing given the private's (sergeant by abstentia) questionable capture which resulted in a senseless loss of search party members.