Sunday, June 15, 2014

Black gun owners

Good, and unusually balanced (for the NYT), article about black gun owners in the U.S.  The NORC figures quoted on gun ownership for both blacks and whites are, IMHO, too low to be accurate.  Many gun owners deny ownership because it is "politically incorrect," and/or they don't trust government and/or they are not sure if their ownership is legal (e.g. have a felony conviction, live in a housing development, etc.  The black political and religious establishment slavishly follow the white liberal anti-gun rhetoric.  Yet, law-abiding blacks have more need for defensive weapons than law-abiding whites.  Police protection is often second-class in many black neighborhoods.  Further, as one speaker noted correctly (quoted in NYT aticle):
Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. of Milwaukee County, Wis. — a speaker at the N.R.A. convention who has encouraged his constituents, regardless of their race, to arm themselves for protection — said many blacks were not aware of their history with guns in America.
“The reality is self-defense, and the firearm played a key role in the freeing of the slaves,” Sheriff Clarke said. “So what I’ve seen as my role is just to re-engage the black community with their history and let them figure it out for themselves. But right now they are being fed a lot of propaganda.”

Let's hope that author and law professor Nicholas Johnson is correct as per this quote from the NYT article:

"Nicholas Johnson, a law professor at Fordham University and author of the book “Negroes and the Gun: The Black Tradition of Arms,” said blacks today were less influenced by the anti-gun views of many black leaders. “We are out of that stage where people look to the black political class as their savior,” Mr. Johnson said.' 

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  1. Otis McDonald (RIP) said it all in his 2nd and 14th Amendment SCOTUS case against Chicago's draconian gun restrictions forced upon law abiding residents. From what I've heard and read about Otis, he was a very good man. My belated condolence to his family and friends.