Monday, June 11, 2012

TIH: Freedom of Speech Affirmed. J. Stevens shows his stripes

June 11, 1990:  The U.S. Supreme Court  announces U.S. v. Eichman,   and affirms its decision in Texas v. Johnson.  The Court  strikes down the federal statute prohibiting desecration of a privately-owned flag for purposes of political demonstration. Now-retired Justice Stevens, who was recently awarded a "freedom medal" by Pres. Obama, voted against the First Amendment in both cases. (see prior blog entry  on Stevens continuing whining about upholding First Amendment values in the Citizens United case)

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  1. As a Commodore guest speaker said at my Officer Indoctrination School graduation in Newport, Rhode Island, our fallen service members where wrapped in the warmth of the American flag. That said, it was the people's first amendment free speech and other recognized individual rights that these defenders' sacrifice helped to preserve. For this reason, I fully concur with the court's decision in striking down the federal's flag desecration law.