Monday, June 25, 2012

Supreme Court issues Split decision on AZ Immigration Law

Mostly unconstitutional.  "Papers please" law upheld.


  1. The federal government's assigned role is to enforce immigration laws. State and local police agencies are tasked with keeping the peace by maintaining order. Jurisdictional collaboration is helpful in achieving each others' mission objectives. Unless of course, one or more agencies refuse to cooperate and/or fail to do their job. SCOTUS appears to believe in a collaborative relationship rather than overreaching into another sovereign's territory. Something the U.S. Congress and White House have yet to figure out for themselves.

  2. 44 Thanks for the post. As Scalia points out in his opinion, these state laws are a reaction to the perception that the feds are not doing their job. BATF's operation fast and furious is also evidence of serious problems with the feds at the border.