Monday, June 25, 2012

Supreme Court on sentencing teen Killers

The Court bans mandatory life without parole for teen murderers.

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  1. I agree with Justice Roberts, whose decision considered constitutional limits on federal power. Kagan, of course, is interjecting her own warm fuzzy progressiveness into the mix. Blocking states from protecting their residents from the most heinous actors regardless of age. Yes, youthful endeavors can be cruel. But how many young people senselessly murder someone in cold blood. Most adolescents know the difference of between right and wrong, and the potential consequences with the latter.

    I've personally witnessed youths around Washington DC openly flaunt their malevolent deeds. They're fully aware of the area's juvenile immunity from harsh punishment. Such delinquent mindset combined with sociopathic personalities is what Kagan forced upon States and their respective residents. Makes light of other people's right to feel secure.