Friday, June 15, 2012

Reality and the Gender Pay Gap

Anyone who believe the over-simplified argument that women in equal jobs are underpaid as compared to men, Needs to learn a little about statistics.  Such comparisons are meaningless unless other variable are controlled (held constant).  Among these are, for instance, time in service, time in rank, hours worked per year, etc.  As this column by Thomas Sowell illustrates, this is another divisive propaganda move by a President who appears to be getting desperate.

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  1. T. Sowell said "But why let mere facts spoil the emotional rhetoric ....".

    Subterfuge is the name of the con-artist's game. Maliciously sabotage and bury important details then call it "a dead horse". As a victim of such deceptive behavior, my level of trust in any elected [or pseudo-elected] representative body has obviously dropped to an all time low.