Friday, June 29, 2012

A look at America's far right.

Let’s take a look at what is usually deemed the far right in U.S. politics--the  American Nazi Party and the very similar National Socialist Movement.  Neither has endorsed either Obama or Romney.  As expected, only Aryans get a right to keep and bear arms.  Both party platforms contain economic and welfare provisions similar to left-wing or socialist groups. The usual left-right continuum seems to break down here. Not surprisingly, both are anti-immigration.  As expected, their stands on many issue  mirror the platform of Hitler's National Socialism (NSDAP), esp. the leftist economics.  In some respects the platform looks decidedly leftist (socialist) or even Marxist, with lots of Aryan supremacy and nationalist propaganda thrown in. .  Many have debated the propriety of labeling the NSDAP as an example of  a prototypical right-wing theory.  Of course, the Nazis were enthusiastic about disarming Jews and other "suspect" groups.

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  1. Such deranged ideological beliefs attract society's loser scum bags. These sick organizations are rightfully denounced by decent folks.