Sunday, August 10, 2014

Rethinking abortion rights?

As a cautions libertarian I have supported a broad right to abortion.  However, there are libertarians who on both sides of the issue. Ayn Rand declared fetuses have no rights.  Ron Paul declared that the movements bedrock "nonaggression" principle applies to fetuses.  The theory is that fetuses are human beings and have natural law and human rights.  They are, after all, humans who have not yet been born.  They deserve to be protected.  The Supreme Court has said that are not "people" or "persons" for the purpose of constitutional rights. Fetuses seem to meet this definition.  However, because abortion was not an issue for the Founding Fathers and those who ratified the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we cannot be sure what they would have said on the issue.  I'm still not sure where I come out on this issue.  I have always been favorably disposed to the under-dog and the powerless. Fetuses seem to meet this definition. What do you think?


  1. From a health perspective, life begins at conception. The question then is, when is it considered reasonable to end human life? The first trimester provides plenty of decision wiggle room for those who favor abortion. Anytime following that period should be a criminal offense unless medically justified as imminent fetal death or expected harm to birth-mom.

  2. PS: I find abortion objectionable when used as birth control. Contraception is an acceptable method, but destroying a conceived human for convenience sake is sinful.