Sunday, August 10, 2014

Obama admits he blew it with Libya; We neeed to interene against ISIS?

Accprding to the NYT:
"Mr. Obama offered his justifications for his latest use of military force in Iraq while lamenting the outcome of a similar decision he made to intervene militarily in Libya in 2011. He defended the desire to help oust the Libyan dictator, Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, with American air power, but he acknowledged that he had “underestimated” the chaos that would follow after American forces left."

Presidents have made bad choices over the years. Intervening on false premises, not anticipating the likely negative outcomes, and being slow to react when there was real justification.  A good case can be make for more massive U.S. intervention against ISIS.  This is a bloody-thirsty genocidal group that anyone with a humanitarian lean knows has to be stopped.  Don't these massive, unjustified human rights violations need to be stopped?


  1. Libya is merely one of many "We Blew It" foreign policy failures. I have not been able to find anything whatsoever which could legitimately be called a success, even in domestic policy.


  2. Being the typical far-left progressive he is, Obama wasted everyone's time overreaching into states' domestic affairs while ignoring his executive duties to national security and foreign policy.