Friday, August 01, 2014

Character, another politically incorrect factor in the inequality debate

Going back to income inequality and human capital, character plays a large, but politically incorrect role in a person's human capital  Research shows that character is important.  Racism, sexism, discrimination,   oppression, corporate-domination, etc. are the Left's favorite theories.  Character is conveniently ignored.  The Right focuses on incentives, regulatory barriers, etc.  Character is not easy for government to influence. It can help parents work on the problem.  Perhaps the educational system can help. Dumbing everything down does not help.   Making sure every competitor gets an award does not help. 


  1. The economic "equality" rhetoric is nothing more than a populist tool to control the uninformed masses. It's a ploy tyrannies use to acquire more political power and personal wealth for themselves.

  2. IMO, you can do a bell curve for character, same as for other issues.

    There has always been and again IMO will always be some amount of economic inequality. Certainly, character is a part, but there are many other factors.

    The egregious inequality we see in the present is largely enabled by the laws passed by Congress and then brought about by the monetary policy extant since Volcker's actions of 1979.


  3. 44 & Anon, thanks for the posts. As suggested by Art, there are many "causes" of economic inequality. Depending on one's ideology, some will be ignored and others stressed. Congress is partly to blame.