Thursday, August 28, 2014

Obama's DOJ Soft on Wall Street and related crime

One of the things many of us hoped Pres. Obama would do was have his DOJ crack down on Wall Street, Banking, Securities and other types of corporate and individual white-collar crime.  Although there may have been a little improvement, it still looks more like smoke-and-mirrors rather than real improvement in policy and action.    I guess even leftist Democrats are so dependent on these big boys that they can't get up the courage to really get after these offenders. 

Another Obama disappointment.  I won't criticize Obama's foreign and mid-east policies as there are apparently no policies to criticize.  Even the NYT has gone sour on Obama. 


  1. Look at the curriculum vitae of the people in the "big money" game. Whether Federal Reserve Bank, US Treasury, foreign central banks and finance ministers or big-wigs at such as JP Morgue or the Giant Vampire Squid, the names all run together as to work histories.

    That's a part of the saying, "From Wall Street to K Street" for the money boys. They take care of their own.


  2. Art:
    Good point. Any ethically-challenged politicians and public administrators who get voted out of office soon pick up well-paid jobs with lobbyists, law firms, regulated businesses, consulting firms, etc.