Monday, July 28, 2014

New book on the constitution and limited federal powers

This book by  Richard Epstein argues that the constitution requires a federal government of limited powers.  Haven't read it, but it looks like a good read for anyone interested in these issues and constitutional interpretation.  I'm putting it on my list for the future.

Epstein is a widely published and respected Prof. of Law at the Univ. of Chicago.  If you follow the legal literature you know the liberal/progressive/socialist view dominates among that professorate.  It amazes  we how so many intelligent and insightful legal scholars blindly mouth the liberal line with no serious analysis and critique.  Very few seem to think for themselves.  Most law schools are like most universities, indoctrination in liberal jibberish takes precedence over education and creating critical thinkers.  Epstein, like Alan Dershowitz is a welcome relief from the typical drivel one gets from most of these folks.

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