Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Latest on 2nd Amend. victory in D.C.

As covered in a post below, the Second Amendment triumphed over a set of draconian and unique law regarding carrying firearms in  a recent U.S. District Court decision.  As expected, the court gave the District 90 days to come up with a constitutional licensing scheme or appeal and get another stay.  The District has not yet announced its response.  I suspect there will be an appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District. Hopefully this will eventually get to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Based on precedent, I expect the District to lose if it appeals.  However, even if it loses, do not expect it to seriously attempt to comply with the rule of law.  As they did after the Supreme invalidated some of their prior laws, and as Chicago after the Supreme Court's decision against it in McDonald, officials will thumb their nose and create a sham system that does not meet constitutional minimums.  Further court battles will be necessary.  It reminds me of southern segregationist reactions to Brown v. Bd. of Education.  It's a sad situation when elected officials, who take an oath to support and defend the Constitution put their ideology above the supreme law of the land.  This is a problem that infect public officials on both the Left and Right.


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  2. “' ...allowing rampant carrying of firearms in the District of Columbia,' said Jonathan E. Lowy, legal director for the Brady Center ... would be 'a nightmare scenario for law enforcement particularly given the high-profile targets, the foreign dignitaries, tourists, public officials' who visit."

    When will these anti-gunners realize that a person's right to keep and bear arms does not equate to criminal violence? On the contrary, firearm ownership and carrying by law abiding residents equals protection from violent crime.

  3. 44: Thanks, agreed. Many people who are against gun rights are not really anti's because of crime concerns. The Court did not allow/require "rampant carrying." It put pressure on DC to set up a licensed carrying system. Such systems have not resulted in more crime and there is some evidence it has lowered crime. Typical Brady Center crap!