Saturday, February 09, 2013

State & Local resistance to enforcing laws which violate the Second Amendment

Many state and local law enforcement officials, and even some state legislators are threatening not to enforce or cooperate in enforcing any new federal gun laws they deem inconsistent with the Second Amendment.  This too, has historical precedent.  Prior to the Civil War, many nothern officals refused to enforce or assist in enforcing, the 1850 Federal Fugitive Slave Act. (video at link)

Many will argue that there are no lessons in these historical analogies because it is easy for them to pick out the "good guys" and the "bad guys," dependng upon their ideological slant.  The real key is too look at who is standing up for the fundamental rights of individuals against government and for court decisions which support fundamental individual rights.


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    This is certainly great news. Although I cannot speak for our county sheriff, I've been told he would not enforce federal rules that violate people's fundamental right to keep and bear arms.