Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Obama's re-election: The Second Coming!

The Newsweek cover touting Obama's re-election as the "Second Coming" largely missed media coverage, as you might expect.  I'm not sure what to make of it.  This could be nothing or perhaps it indicates that some sense a building national mood.  However, let's hope Obama the idologue does not become Obama the secular Saviour.  The way much of the media fawns over Obama and covers up for his administration could create such an atmosphere. Some of this situation seems eerily similar to at least two other left-wing pols in the Western Hemisphere--Juan Peron of Argentina and Hugh Chavez of Venezuela.  Let's hope there is no sweeping cult of personality in this country.  One key will be if there are proposals to amend the Constituion to allow Obama additional terms. Hopefully, we can depend on Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and other democratic Presidential hopefuls to quietly oppose this.  However, national hysteria is always a good environment for such shenanigans.  A clever politician, with a generally favora ble media, can always manipulate things to create such hysteria.  Unfortunately, don't expect most of the media, which leans left, to try to objectively deal with this potential  issue.  Thanks to 44 for the lead.

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