Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Guilty Pleas to illegally avoiding campaign finance laws

Campaign finance laws, like many similar laws (e.g. gun purchases) can be avoided by using straw men.  This appears to be a rare case where folks got caught.  The only reason these two got caught was because the campaign unwittingly reported who the real donors were.  Anyone who thinks that  campaing finance law can come anywhere close to  making a real dent in political corruption  by determined, smart individuals,is whistling in the dark.  Of course, it's always fun for the public and politicians to pretend that it can be cleaned up.  Most politicians really don't want it cleaned up.  Let's waste our time and effort on make-believe solutions.


  1. The article named several individuals who funneled large corporate money to Hillary Clinton's presidential run. Small potatoes for Clinton. Her "Bubba" received campaign support from countries like China. And Obama is certainly no saint when it comes to corporate and big-labor backing.

  2. From the article: "The campaigns unwittingly reported the straw donations as lawful contributions from the individual donors."

    Wouldn't the campaigns have been obligated to report them? What other names were known to the campaigns, for the donations?