Thursday, January 26, 2017


Pointing out the POTUS' many 'errors' (perhaps delusions) will become a cottage and national industry. As expected, his staff is falling in line.  The POTUS' and his press secretary's credibility is rapidly disappearing. All politicians have this problem. Trump's defenders use this argument.  However, Trump outpaces just about every policitian in his quantity of such behavior.  I hope the public expects more from the POTUS than from ordinary politicians.
Here's the latest

People wrongly registering is not the same as wrongly voting.  For instance, is a person who is registered in two states going to travel to one of these from his current location.  I'm probably registered to vote in 2 states.  I promise you I  only voted once (for neither Trump nor Clinton).  If the fraud were as massive as claimed, wouldn't the Republican poll watchers across the nation been filing thousands of complaints/reports.

As long as Trump is President people need t get familiar with these two highly respected and balanced web sites.

Will Trump have any credibility with foreign leaders.


  1. Voter fraud has been a Democratic Party staple for many decades. It was even admitted as to the Daley machine and JFK's win over Nixon.

    Ignoring Dorgan's loss of his House seat via illegal-alien votes, and Mary Lanrieuu's people paying $20 each for New Orleans voters who voted over and over in her election, we have more recent admissions.

    It's been official DNC policy to promote wetback immigration in order to have more Dem Party voters.

    During the Obama administration they spoke of making Texas a purple state in the 2016 elections and by 2020 or 2022 at the latest they were going to turn Texas blue. In 2014 the Washington Post claimed that illegal aliens were perhaps 4% of the vote in 2012.

    And recall that shortly before Nov. 8, Obama called for "all people" to get out and vote.

    The Trumpies may not have exact numbers, but their claims are basically factual.


  2. Yes, voter fraud exists. Yes, and democrats are much more likely to use it. There's so much fraud, we never had a Republican President and the Republicans have never dominate both Houses of Congress LOL> But, Trump claims there were millions of such frauds, enough to give him a win on the popular vote. He stated voter fraud would be investigated and then changed his mind. I wonder why?

  3. Reply continued, Certainly, if there were 3 million people committing voter fraud there would be some evidence of such widespread fraud. Latest word is there will be an investigation. Don't count on it.