Friday, January 20, 2017


As we await Trump's inaugural address, let us  reflect back on two of the greatest inaugural addresses, the two by Abraham Lincoln.

In polls of historians and political scientists, Lincoln is the President who most often comes out number 1.
 In terms of Presidential speakers of the 19th Century he ranks likewise.   His Gettysburg address is ranked by many as the best Presidential speech of all time.  The Klan, and many lost cause advocates hate Lincoln, but they are entitled to their opinions.

 I urge you to read his addresses.   They are masterpieces.

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  1. Lincoln's speeches were meticulously of the highest calling. Cannot presently say the same for Trump. But IMHO, a parallel exists in the nation's response to both executives. There's strong animosity exhibited by Democrats toward both elected republican presidents. Yes, different time - same mob projection. Like it or not, Trump is today's U.S. President the same as Abe Lincoln was during the 19th century. Both faced the irrational self-righteous arrogance and/or hatred by supporters and members of the opposite party.