Saturday, January 14, 2017


A man who shot and wounded an Arizona state trooper Thursday along a remote highway and then started slamming the helpless officer's head into the pavement as the two struggled was shot to death by a passing driver, authorities said.

Trooper Edward Andersson, a 27-year veteran of the Department of Public Safety, was shot in the right shoulder and chest in what authorities called an ambush and was in serious but stable condition after surgery at a Goodyear hospital.

"My trooper would not be alive without his assistance," DPS Director Frank Milstead said of the driver who stopped.

Arizona has a "defense of third person" law [like all states] that allows someone to use deadly force against another who is threatening or injuring a third person. It was not unusual that the passing driver was armed in this gun-friendly state with loose regulations.”


It will be interesting to see whether the NY Times carries this story, and if they do, how they will spin it.  I did a quick search but  could not find anything on it at the NYT.  It may be there.  Media bias is not so much reflected in what stories they carry, its more reflected by what stories they don't cover.

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